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Welcome to the website of the The Sleeping Souls - Frank Turner's live and studio band since 2006. The Sleeping Souls are Ben Lloyd, Matt Nasir, Nigel Powell and Tarrant Anderson; we're the guys who put the music behind the voice and the acoustic guitar.

This is a home for some of the mountain of Frank related material we've accumulated over the years: visual, musical, anecdotal. It's not officially Frank Turner, but it's official us for sure. For those of you who want to know a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes with Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, here it is.

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New photos from Josephine video shoot

Been a long time since we updated. Here's pics from the Josephine video shoot!

More Piano parts!

The ever-busy Matt has added piano transcriptions for Fastest Way Back Home and Our Lady Of The Campfire

Mandolin transcriptions

Matt's mandolin parts for two songs on Tape Deck Heart are not in the music section.

Disappeared Piano

Another of Matt's immaculately presented piano scores is on the Music page, this time I Am Disappeared (by special request, apparently!)

Holiday Snaps

There's a bunch of new pictures in the 'Pics From The Road' album for you to enjoy

Photosynthesis in Berlin

New video posted up on the music page, for a special day!