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Repetition repetition reptition

Nigel, Monday 29th April, 2013

I took on the job of trying to edit together interesting and insightful tour diaries after a long gap of nothing. Frank used to do it but his work load has increased, and he also grew tired of collating and reviewing and chopping the footage. I've done a few, and I'm happy with them, but I also am running dry, much earlier than Frank did. It just seems like too much of the same thing over and over, uncountable hours of footage of travel, soundchecks, press, hanging about waiting. The only bits that feel special on a day-to-day basis (the gigs) are times when I'm too busy to be shooting anything decent, and there is no narrative to speak of - a groundhog day where nothing changes and no-one learns.

This is NOT a complaint about my lot. It's my job, has been for a long time, and it's no more repetitious than many other modes of employment (much less so, if you count the fact that we do the same thing day after day but mostly in different places). But I guess it is kind of an excuse, for the fact that I haven't put together a tour diary for a while (I had some excellent footage of us out-of-the-ordinary on the Great Wall Of China including an insightful chat with Frank, but that seems to have fallen into a digital wormhole) and that it's sometimes hard to find things to blog about in a way that anyone would care one scintilla of an iota of a smidgen.

So today we're doing something a little different, hence me putting ASCII character to backlit screen. It's a TV show in Germany, called Ina's Nacht. We've done a bit of TV now, and I did a fair chunk in my former life, and it can be a little odd. Most of the time you feel like a generally liked unexpected guest at a party, but one who comes from a different social circle, so that when you bump into them in the kitchen, while wondering if there's actually an unopened Becks somewhere in the back of the fridge that no-one else has yet located, after an exchange of social niceties you find there's very little that you have in common to converse about.

Too much of a metaphor? Well screw you. Wait! Come back! I didn't mean it like that. Sorry. OK? Cool. We cool?

I'm going to guess that part of the enduring appeal of Later... is the fact that it is the only show on British TV where music is the entire focus, with everything else secondary. It's a really nice atmosphere, and presided over someone who actually knows more about music than you do, not just someone squinting your name and the name of your 'just-released new album!!' off an autocue.

Tonight however seems on interesting off-kilter one. An unusual studio set up (it's actually just a bar re-purposed for the recording) means there's not room for us to bring our usual equipment in, so I'm jumping on the house drumkit and Matt is playing the upright piano in the corner. And apparently the host, Ina, will join in with us as and when she pleases. Not optional - just happens. It could be terrific, or it could be other than terrific. If anyone sees it on German telly (it airs in June apparently) then please let us know how it all went.

Then we travel to Cologne for a soundcheck and a gig and I won't have much to say about that.


Kathrin, Mon 8th July 2013, 04:36:27 PM
It was fun to see you at 'Ina's Nacht' and she said very nice things about the Band and Frank. She told everybody that she seen him play at Reeperbahn Festival in 2010 and since then is working on getting him to play at the Show. I enjoyed it.

Nigel, Mon 8th July 2013
Thanks Kathrin, it was certainly an unusual but fun show to do!


Stephen D, Tue 2nd July 2013, 07:01:39 PM
It may be because I didn't understand most of what they were talking about before, but the hosts of that show did seem quite insincere. Show me a TV presenter that isn't I guess...However she joined in when appropriate and did a good job. Interesting to see you all cooped up in that little space too! No room for T or B to dance!
As for the tour diaries, I can imagine the filming and editing can be very tedious, but as Wendy said we enjoy things that may seem very boring or every day for you guys so I hope to see more in future.


Analisa, Tue 7th May 2013, 06:14:36 AM
Sorry that some of the excitement is gone; I guess that's sort of inevitable. I love the tour diaries, too--mainly for the behind-the-scenes humor--but understand if they're starting to get old for you or any of the other band members. Even if you never make another one, know that you've done your bit to help the good on YouTube outweigh the bad!


Wendy, Wed 1st May 2013, 02:52:14 AM
It only seems repetitive and boring to you because you do it every day. I love the tour diaries. Even watching you all do something like sitting around eating chips would be interesting. Seriously.