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Sleep is for the Week

Sleep is for the Week
Frank Turner

Release date: Monday 15th January, 2007
Producer: Ben Lloyd
Engineer: Ben Lloyd
Label: Xtra Mile

  1. The Real Damage
  2. Vital Signs
  3. Romantic Fatigue
  4. A Decent Cup Of Tea
  5. Father's Day
  6. Worse Things Happen At Sea
  7. My Kingdom For A Horse
  8. Back In The Day
  9. Once We Were Anarchists
  10. Wisdom Teeth
  11. The Ladies Of London Town
  12. Must Try Harder
  13. The Ballad Of Me And My Friends

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Not long after we had done the Campfire Punkrock EP Frank returned to Tarrant's house to start work on his debut album, again with Ben working the knobs.

This time Frank decided he wanted to cover most of the guitar and bass himself, so rather than rehearse as a band just me and Mr Turner descended to the basement to nail down drum arrangements. In a setting of future habits it was all done at breakneck speed - a couple of afternoons batting ideas about and deciding on how things should be, then two days later that week recording.

After this it was, I guess, a fairly natural progression for Frank to ask if the three of us (plus Dive Dive vocalist Jamie on 'keyboards', or the emasculation station as he dubbed it) would back him on the album release tour.

I didn't play on this record (can you tell...?) but it was recorded at my parents' house in Oxford over the summer of 2006, with Ben producing and engineering. Like Campfire, they used most of the same equipment we used for Tilting With Windmills, but with the addition of a Pro Tools system. My favourite bit of the record is the very end of 'Back In The Day' where you can hear a cat meow. That was my cat, Pirate (AKA "Fats"), who always wanted to be part of the action; he walked in on Frank just as he finished the vocal take and the guys decided to keep it on the record. Pirate lived until he was 21. He was an important part of the rehearsing and recording we did for many years at my mother and stepfather's house (they were VERY long suffering) and he made the credits and thanks list on most of the early records.