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Poetry Of The Deed

Poetry Of The Deed
Frank Turner

Release date: Sunday 6th September, 2009
Producer: Alex Newport
Engineer: Alex Newport
Label: Xtra Mile

  1. Live Fast, Die Old
  2. Try This At Home
  3. Dan's Song
  4. Poetry Of The Deed
  5. Isabel
  6. The Fastest Way Back Home
  7. Sons Of Liberty
  8. The Road
  9. Faithful Son
  10. Richard Devine
  11. Sunday Nights
  12. Our Lady Of The Campfire
  13. Journey Of The Magi

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We started touring as Frank's live band in 2007 but this was the first full album that we arranged, rehearsed and recorded together as a band. We recorded it at Leaders Farm in Norfolk with Alex Newport at the helm on engineering and production (although halfway through Nigel decided he should be called Evans for some reason and this name stuck instead). It ended up being a very different animal to Love, Ire and Song. I think in large part probably because it was the first time since Campfire Punkrock that we had arranged and written parts as a full band and Frank wanted to produce a more full-on rock record than Love, Ire and Song. So we ended up throwing everything into the pot. Poetry has some of my favourite Frank Turner songs on it, but I remember the recording process as kind of stressful; particularly the mixing process. Having been intimately involved in the recording and mixing processes of every other release I'd been involved with, this was the first time I had no input into the way the final thing sounded. And that was definitely something I, and I think probably the other Souls too, struggled with.

It was a fun four and a half days of tracking for this album, but the shortness of the time we had to arrange the record and the mix made it sound, like Revenge Of The Mechanical Dog, very congested, overly busy and like porridge to my ears. Love the songs though, particularly Sunday Nights, Faithful Son and Journey Of The Magi, all of which have only had very rare live outings.

But with Frank everything was always about momentum, quite rightly. We did the album at breakneck speed, put it out and hit the road again. I'm proud of our live reputation. Even though, because of the sound, the record was a harder sell for Xtra Mile, we still drove it ahead on tour and continued doing stuff that we're proud of.