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Quality But Hers

Quality But Hers

Release date: Thursday 4th June, 1998
Producer: Banoffee Lattice
Engineer: Rich Haines
Label: Shifty Disco

  1. Owe It All To...
  2. Let Me Lie
  3. Rude Me Out
  4. Ten Feet Small
  5. Such An Eyesore
  6. Useless
  7. Flusher
  8. My Life Thrill
  9. Mind
  10. Sent Apart
  11. Talkback Back
  12. Intravolvo

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I was in Dustball with Jamie Stuart and James Russell. We released a bunch of singles, EPS, and one album, recorded a handful of Peel Sessions (actually John Peel came to breakfast at my house once) and headlined one of the nights at Radio One Sound City. We recorded Quality But Hers with Rich Haines at his Dungeon Studios in 1997 and it was released in early 1998.