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Almost Here

Almost Here
Unbelievable Truth

Release date: Monday 27th April, 1998
Producer: Nigel Powell
Engineer: Jeremy Wheatley
Label: Virgin

  1. Solved
  2. Angel
  3. Stone
  4. Same Mistakes
  5. Forget About Me
  6. Settle Down
  7. Finest Little Space
  8. Building
  9. Almost Here
  10. Higher Than Reason
  11. Be Ready

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After many years in bands this was my first bona fide release, and still the work I'm most proud of.

We had a couple of top 40 singles, and it got to 21 in the album charts (up until England Keep My Bones my personal best!). Toured the world with it and it was generally the best time of my life.

Juliet, Sun 14th April 2013, 09:01:42 AM
Ohhh, that was you then, Nigel...I hadn't made the connection!
Loved Unveleivable Truth, still do. This album is lovely, and still one of my favourites. I've got a video I recorded of you guys performing on Jools Holland forever ago. My only regret is that I never got to see you perform live.
Could also explain Andy Y backing on EKMB??


Nath Clulow, Sat 13th April 2013, 10:32:58 AM
Watching you guys perform with the crowd all sitting on the floor of Poo-na-na during Oxford Sound City 97 is a particularly good memory from this period. Still stands up as a great album & in fact I might even put it on now...