DISCOG >> miseryguts

The Sad Song Co.

Release date: Thursday 5th June, 2003
Producer: Nigel Powell
Engineer: Nigel Powell

  1. Beginning To Wonder
  2. Ghosts
  3. Blind Man
  4. Pleasure Babies
  5. The Everlasting Mile
  6. Directions
  7. Deep Cover
  8. Into The Hills
  9. This Isn't What I Expected
  10. Gulag Parenting
  11. You Get My Best
  12. Chasing The High

My first solo album. Don't think much of it now.

I suppose I should give more details. I put this together after the breakup of Unbelievable Truth, mostly on my own but Jase from UT added bass guitar here and there, and there were a smattering of other musicians.

Tarrant and Jamie from Dive Dive helped out by recording the real drums for me at Tarrant's house, which as anyone reading through the discography sequentially will gather was the epicentre of musical activity in our corner of the world.