DISCOG >> Simple

Andy Yorke

Release date: Monday 14th July, 2008
Producer: Nigel Powell
Engineer: George Shilling
Label: Chocolate Lab Records

  1. Simple
  2. Found The Road
  3. Twist Of The Knife
  4. Rise And Fall
  5. Diamant
  6. One In A Million
  7. Always By Your Side
  8. Let It Be True
  9. Mathilda
  10. Lay Down
  11. Surrender
  12. Ode To A Friend

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Andy returned to music after a long hard think, and wanted to do this album under his own name. He did have much more input than Unbelievable Truth, which was heartening, but I produced / drummed / keyboarded / guitared (though to a much lesser extent than on UT records, and Jase came back to play bass, so it was a development of UT.

With a few exceptions (Mathilda and Lay Down which didn't come out quite as I wanted) I'm proud of the work again. I love the chemistry me and Jase and Andy have.

Ben came in to add some tasty electric to Lay Down and Roses (a b-side, but a terrific one), and Andy came out supporting Frank on the first Love, Ire and Song tour. I played with him nightly, and when we had room for a full band Jase would come along, and the new hyper-talented guitarist / keyboardist I had met recently, Matt Nasir. He didn't escape Frank's notice...