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Tilting At Windmills

Tilting At Windmills
Dive Dive

Release date: Monday 11th July, 2005
Producer: Dive Dive
Engineer: Dive Dive
Label: Xtra Mile

  1. Good Show
  2. Modern Man
  3. The Sorry Suitor
  4. Name And Number
  5. Rockability
  6. Überdrums
  7. Sire
  8. Throw Me Off The Plane
  9. 5-5-5 For Filmstars
  10. Det Gor Ingenting
  11. Lying's What We're Here For

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Dive Dive's debut album (although there were some releases under alternative names before this) which we were out promoting when we met Frank.

Mixed by veritable genius of the balance George Shilling. I've done many things with him since this, and he has done loads of great things, including both Stornaway albums. I very much hope we can have a Frank album mixed by him at some point, that would be awesome.

This is one of my favourite albums that I've been involved with making; to be honest it probably is my favourite. Dive Dive is Jamie Stuart, Nigel Powell, Ben Lloyd and me. Nigel, Ben and I have spent years collecting audio recording equipment and at this point I had a beautiful old 2" Studer A80 multitrack recorder at my parents' home in Oxford. Actually it was pretty fucked, but with a bit of cajoling you could get the thing to do what it was supposed to. And it was worth it, because you just can't beat the sound these machines produce. Tilting was recorded in various rooms within the house over about a year and then mixed by the audio genius that is George Shilling. It was released on Diablo Records in 2005. It is, I think, a fantastic sounding record.

One of the other things I remember about Tilting At Windmills is how hard we toured it. In the run up the record being released we played shows for 45 days straight without a day off, and during the 2 weeks surrounding the release we were doing 2 or 3 shows a day. By the end of it we were ready to kill each other.

Nath Clulow, Sat 13th April 2013, 10:41:38 AM
Took my girlfriend to see you at the Zodiac on our second date in May 2005 just before the release of his album. You rocked & we're still together!