DISCOG >> The Revenge Of The Mechanical Dog
The Revenge Of The Mechanical Dog

The Revenge Of The Mechanical Dog
Dive Dive

Release date: Monday 19th March, 2007
Producer: Dive Dive
Engineer: Dive Dive
Label: Xtra Mile

  1. Let The Blind Lead The Blind
  2. The Game
  3. Cuts And Bruises
  4. Seven Of Eight
  5. Maybe I'm OK
  6. Holding Back The Broken Door
  7. Take It, It's Yours
  8. Talentless Fucks
  9. Clarence Bodiker
  10. Perfectly Pathetic
  11. This Ain't Jetplane
  12. Idiot Parade

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Our second album, again recorded at Tarrant's house, but this time on ProTools instead of the old Studer. After a distasterous relationship with a totally fucking useless record company called Diablo we were back on our own, self-releasing with distribution going through local boys Truck Recordings.

I must admit sonically I was much less happy with this album. It sounds congested and small where the first album sounded huge and aggressive. Love some of the songs though, and we got out and toured it and it sounded much better live.

We toured early in the year of release as support to up and coming artist Frank Turner.