DISCOG >> Potential

Dive Dive

Release date: Monday 17th January, 2011
Producer: Dive Dive
Engineer: Ben Lloyd
Label: Xtra Mile

  1. Mr 10%
  2. The Alarum
  3. Damage Control
  4. Liar
  5. The You In Me
  6. Wherwithal
  7. Ape Like Me
  8. Collapse From The Hurt
  9. The Point Is
  10. Your Call Is Important To Us
  11. Pod People
  12. Let's Swap Places
  13. Potential

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We recorded Potential in 2010 in gaps snatched between our crazy touring schedule with Frank. This one was more or less a live record with relatively few overdubs or arrangement additions. It was the four of us in a boat house by the river Thames in Oxfordshire playing live. We released the record through Frank's label Xtra Mile, which was great, not least because they understood our touring commitments with Frank meant we couldn't be out on the road working the record hard.