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Richard, Mon 16th January 2017, 05:29:03 PM
Hi Guys, thanks again for everything (the power behind the throne!) but one for Matt - might you ever get chance to post a transcript of Little Aphrodite, or just the basic chord structure? Beautiful song, I'd love to stop crucifying it! Many thanks


Erica, Sun 4th December 2016, 07:12:19 PM
Hi! For someone who is brand new to learning drums, is there a less complicated FT&SS song to start with? Also, any place to find sheet music for any of the drum parts? Thanks

Nigel, Mon 12th December 2016
Hi Erica! Most of the songs are not that complicated and are easy to simplify. But for ones where they are already straightforward I would try Get Better first. Recovery and Losing Days from Tape Deck Heart are also not too involved in their basic beats. My advice would be get the feel of them down and don't worry about drum breaks and details until later. Enjoy learning, and good luck!


Samuel Turvey, Wed 12th October 2016, 05:45:20 PM
Whose idea was it to use a motif from the Old Penn RR Station in NY in a 2014 poster announcing a show in WDC June 4th,2014. I am part of a group advocating that this train station be rebuilt. Loved the poster. ssho

notBen, Wed 12th October 2016
That would be Jeffrey/Rockets Are Red!!


Stacey , Tue 11th October 2016, 04:46:49 AM
I was lucky enough to catch 3 concerts, in 4 days, in 3 states: Champaign, IL, Codfish Hollow (amazing!) and Milwaukee, WI. Wow! You guys continued to put on a great show, every night!! Thank you!!!

Nigel, Tue 11th October 2016
Hi Stacey! Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Codfish Hollow was particularly memorable. We'll be back!

Stacey, Wed 19th October 2016
So... today we purchased tickets for the House of Blues/Chicago!!! (Both dates!) We're bringing our two highschool age sons to their first FT&theSS show Sunday 1/22/17. (Even paid extra for the 'Pit' so they can get the total experience.) Can't wait!!!

Nigel, Fri 28th October 2016
Looking forward to the show - hope you enjoy it!

Stacey, Sun 22nd January 2017
Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow (Sunday) & Monday at the House of Blues!!!


Joshua, Tue 13th September 2016, 03:56:31 PM
I'm a huge fan of you guys and the work you guys do with Frank. I have never had the privilege to see you guys live but have watched many live videos and the tone you guys possess live is super tight and sounds so good! So I would simply be interested in the gear you guys play live or in the studio either one or both? From amps to pedals from guitars to strings, thank you!

Nigel, Tue 11th October 2016
Hi Joshua, I can only talk about drums I'm afraid, but hopefully someone from the proper music department will show up with some of their setup details!


Kim, Tue 9th August 2016, 07:17:00 PM
Hi Guys. I attended the Red Rocks concert last night and heard you for the first time. You were FABULOUS! Any chance you have a list of the songs you played? I'd like to download some of your stuff and don't know where to start. Thanks and thanks for the awesome show! You have a new fan!