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Kim, Tue 9th August 2016, 03:07:34 PM
Hi Guys. I attended the Red Rocks concert last night and heard you for the first time. You were FABULOUS! Any chance you have a list of the songs you played? I'd like to download some of your stuff and don't know where to start. Thanks and thanks for the awesome show! You have a new fan!

Nigel, Tue 9th August 2016
Thanks Kim, glad you liked it! Our set list (with the album the song is taken from) was:

I Still Believe (England Keep My Bones)
The Next Storm (Positive Songs For Negative People)
Try This At Home (Poetry Of The Deed)
Recovery (Tape Deck Heart)
Long Live The Queen (Love, Ire And Song)
Silent Key- Frank solo (Positive Songs...)
The Way I Tend To Be (Tape Deck Heart)
Out Of Breath (Positive Songs...)
Photosynthesis (Love, Ire And Song)
Get Better (Positive Songs...)
Four Simple Words (Tape Deck Heart)

Do come and see us again - we tour an awful lot (two more US tours this year, and another planned for next Jan / Feb) so there will be opportunities!

Kim, Tue 9th August 2016
Thanks Nigel. We already committed to the show in Denver in January. Take care and safe travels to you all.


Jason, Tue 8th March 2016, 06:43:39 AM
Hey guy, just curious about Ben's white Fender Telecaster, is it a '72 Classic Series? Are there any mods done to it? Thanks!

Nigel, Sun 10th April 2016
I'm not the guitarist, so take this with a pinch of salt, but I believe it is the Chris Shiflett signature Telecaster.


Jason, Wed 2nd March 2016, 11:18:20 PM
This is a super random question for Ben.
Any chance you lot have met up with Frank in Kelowna before Vancouver?
I swear to God I just saw Ben walking down the street in Kelowna BC with a camera, but I could also be a loony.

Nigel, Sun 10th April 2016
Very late reply, but I'm sure it was. We had a full band show in the US in the middle of Frank's solo Canadian tour so we ended up tagging along idly for a few days!


Penny, Sat 19th December 2015, 01:38:01 AM
Why are you not invited on the Salty Dog cruise?

Nigel, Thu 11th February 2016
I think the idea was that Frank should be solo this year for a bit of variety. Maybe we'll be back next year!


Cait, Mon 9th November 2015, 10:21:00 PM
Hello there! I was wondering.. Do you perhaps have the piano sheet music for Four Simple Words? I'm going to try and get it by ear (give it a bash and hope for the best) but the sheet music would make life much sweeter. Thanks! LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

Austen, Sun 10th April 2016
Hi Cait, did you ever get anywhere with this as I was wondering the same thing?

notMatt, Wed 2nd November 2016
So sorry that I haven't gotten around to this yet. As soon as I get some spare time I'll notate it out for you guys.



Nigel, Sun 10th April 2016
Hello Cait and Austen. I don't know if this is something Matt has scored out yet, I'm sure when he does he'll get back to you!


Shawnii-Jaii , Mon 26th October 2015, 10:00:31 AM
I took my little brother (11) to his first concert tonight, you guys played at The Pressroom, and he had the best time. I just want to thank you Tarrant for giving him the set list. He was so impressed by you already, loved watching you play and then you gave that to him. He already loved you guys+Frank Turner and now he's just over the moon. So thank you again. Xo,stay rad

nigel, Tue 10th November 2015
Really glad he enjoyed the show, maybe we'll see you next time!


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