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Welcome to the website of the The Sleeping Souls - Frank Turner's live and studio band since 2006. The Sleeping Souls are Ben Lloyd, Matt Nasir, Nigel Powell and Tarrant Anderson; we're the guys who put the music behind the voice and the acoustic guitar.

This is a home for some of the mountain of Frank related material we've accumulated over the years: visual, musical, anecdotal. It's not officially Frank Turner, but it's official us for sure. For those of you who want to know a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes with Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, here it is.

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Apology To The Front Row

A new blog from the ever-talkative Nigel, about crowd surfers and Lamb Of God.

Piano Playa

There's another couple of Matt's transcriptions of his piano and arrangement work on the music page, this time I Still Believe and Nights Become Days

London Forum Live Photos!

An excellent gallery of photos taken at the April 2013 show at the London Forum, by our talented buddy Ben Morse (

On The Road

A new blog for you, about being on the road. Unsurprisingly

Ask Us

There's a new Ask The Band A Question option on the home page. Look up. There it is! And a blog answering some questions already asked...

One Year On

New blog added, about a little anniversary.

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