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Karting Krew (Just Dyed In Your Arms Tonight)

Karting Krew (Just Dyed In Your Arms Tonight), 15th Mar 2013
photo by Matt Nasir

Tarrant: Hahaha, Go Karting on a day off in the US. Grizz Middleton (standing on the left), our backline and stage manager on the tour, was irritatingly good at it, even with his weight disadvantage. We look like a bunch of fucking gnomes.

Nigel: I was a close second to Grizz. I'd just like to mention that.
Since this is I think the only picture of him here, I'd just like to sing the praise of Grizz. He works for Dropkick Murphys and we borrowed him for one US tour, and he's a tall muscly glass of ice-cold awesome.

Nigel: AND I'd also like to add that when we had a rematch in Adelaide, Australia, I beat Grizz. Just sayin'.